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  • On joining we offer you a buy one ticket and also receive one complimentary ticket for your friend.
  • Weekly email of coming movies and events
  • We will offer you on your birthday a buy one ticket and also receive one complimentary ticket
  • Special event offers on tickets
  • Specials at Candy Bar when on promotion
  • Go to the cinema 9 times and, on this visit, you will receive an offer to buy one ticket and also receive one complimentary ticket.
  • On your sixth visit receive a free small coke or popcorn
  • And much, much more.

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Saraton Theatre reserves the right at any time (with three months notice) to affect any changes or cancellation of the Saraton Movie Club membership. A condition of you joining the Saraton Movie Club is that you provide your information below and that you agree to receive our Weekly Email Program.

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