Frequently Asked Questions


We are located at 99 Prince St., Grafton in the centre of the city (opposite clocktower). Contact information and Map details are available on the website. Click on the link 'About Saraton'.

We are Closed on Christmas Day and we usually do not Open Mondays. Although we do Open Mondays during "School holidays" and on "Public Holidays".

Most MOVIE SCHEDULES are determined a week before opening on the Thursday. Schedules are posted on the Saraton Theatre website by Monday evening. Book mark our website or sign up for the weekly email to be well informed.

Yes. Click on the any session time to start your booking. * Please note a booking fee of $1 per ticket is charged for all "Online" purchases.

Yes. For the most popular films and live theatre performances, it is recommended that during the weekends and holidays you plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time, or drop in earlier that day or a previous day and purchase your ticket in advance.

Purchasing tickets in advance guarantees you a seat for each ticket purchased, however, we do not have allocated or reserve seating policy at the Box Office or online except for selected live theatre performances. Popular films will generate longer lines as shows sell out quickly. We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes before start time so you can select your favourite seat.

MOVIE MONEY and GIFT VOUCHERS are available from our Box Office ( Vouchers are unable to be purchased online) All Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase – talk to our Friendly cinema staff for more information on the terms and conditions or review our website.

Saraton Theatre does not accept third party vouchers.

A group booking discount is available for groups purchased in a single transaction. Fundraising at the cinema is a great option for Community groups and Local Charities and great deals are available to ensure a rewarding event for all concerned. Please contact the Cinema for more detailed information on all group booking deals.

Yes, All of our cinemas are now fully air-conditioned for your comfort.

Please contact us via the Contact form, stipulating your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible. See Terms & Conditions of Hire available on this website.

Yes, we now have Eftpos facilities at the Saraton but we are unable to do "Phone" bookings.

Join our Saraton Movie Email Club on our website or at the box office. Receive discounts off cinema tickets, candy bar items and invitations to special events with every membership purchased. Memberships are valid until further notice from issue date and are free. Conditions apply.

The distributor of a film will stipulate NO FREE TICKETS on selected films for a set duration. This restriction will not apply to the entire season of a film - usually only weeks 1 and 2. Check our programme schedule to ensure you will not be disappointed.

SPECIAL EVENTS are any event screenings, or live theatre performances, so declared by Saraton Theatre. Normally Special Events will be screenings of alternative content, rather than filmed entertainment (eg Live Sports, Concerts, Documentaries, Opera, Festivals, Live Theatre Performances).

Digital technologies put you in the centre of your movie-going experience. You will hear five to seven full-range discreet channels, plus a subwoofer channel that coves the bottom one-tenth of the audible range - these are the technologies that create the experience. The dynamic range (the ratio of the loudest sounds to the softest) is significant and the full-range surround channels make lifelike special effects possible - think helicopters flying overhead. And the subwoofer sound can often be felt as well as heard.

The length of time any film will play at Saraton Theatre is based on the amount of business the film generates, contractual obligations and time of the year. Basically, the more popular a film is with patrons, the longer it will play. There is no way to predict exactly how long a movie will play. Use our website to get information on what films will be playing up to five days in advance.

Our programming policy is to present as diverse a range of films as possible given the number of screens available. You can expect to see a mix of chick-flicks, quality family films, action movies and selected mainstream movies as well as more limited release films targeting all ages.

Please see our Ratings Information Page for detailed information from the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

For information about screen advertising, please contact us via the Contact form.

For information about possible website and newsletter advertising, please contact us via the Contact form.

You can update your email address or unsubscribe by clicking the appropriate link on this page.

Please fill out the comment form. Your comments will immediately be sent to Saraton Theatre Customer Relations.

3D Sessions and Tickets

A $2 surcharge is applied to the ticket price of all tickets for Saraton Theatre Digital 3D sessions. 3D glasses are reusable and have to be returned after each session.

No. Your 3D glasses must be returned immediately after the 3D screening for reuse. The Saraton Theatre glasses are of a superior design that includes a battery and electronic boost to improve the 3D experience.

The surcharge is to cover the costs of the superior quality product and increase in technology charges for the Cinemas to run 3D titles. Saraton Theatre strives to achieve “best value” for all its products and services and will endeavour to keep surcharges to a minimum.

Our usual Concession and Seniors discounts still apply with a $2 surcharge added (plus glasses if required). Carer and companion comps will only be accepted when accompanying a paid admission and incur the surcharge in all cases.

3D works by presenting viewers with a slightly separated set of images for the left and the right eye in such quick succession that our brain perceives the images as appearing at the same time and having a field of depth. The glasses ensure that the right eye only see the images intended for right eye and the same for the left eye.

You will be able to use your Saraton Theatre gift vouchers for ticket purchases for all sessions as stated on the voucher ticket.

The policy of Saraton Theatre is to allow refunds of tickets within the first 20 minutes of the film if for any reason you are unable to continue watching a session. Please see the Box Office attendant for any enquiries or refunds.

Many children find it difficult to watch 3D movies. Saraton recommends that parents visit the 2D sessions of the same title.

Our 3D glasses are designed to fit comfortably over prescription glasses.

Saraton Theatre screens a 2D version of most films concurrently to screening a 3D version. Check your local cinema’s program for more details on each film. Sessions playing in 3D will be noted clearly on all advertising distributed by Saraton Theatre. Look out for the 3D logo on your favourite films to see whether your film will be playing in this great new format.