Corporate Bookings

Research shows that Australians love going to the movies. Saraton Theatre Movie Vouchers are an affordable and effective way to thank customers, reward staff or add value to your product or service.

Movie Tickets for 2D Movies
30 - 99 tickets $10.00 each
100 - 499 tickets $9.00 each
500+ tickets $8.00 each

Valid for any movie, anytime. Special Event movies may command higher prices.
Add $2 to above charge for 3D movies.
Valid from 12 months from the date of purchase. Non-transferable or redeemable for cash.

Corporate tickets can be purchased directly from the Saraton Theatre Box Office site or mail or email.

Please fill in the Corporate Booking form and follow the return procedures to obtain these tickets.

Not-for-profit, schools and Community Organisations

Everyone loves going to the movies and that’s what makes Saraton Theatre Movie tickets so easy to sell for fundraising. Unlike other fundraising concepts, you don’t pre-purchase our tickets, making the process risk-free for your group.

Here's how it works for you

To be involved in Saraton Theatre fundraising offer all your community organisation has to do is select a movie title, session and screening date and sell a minimum of 30 tickets to get the great low ticket price of only $10.00 each. Add $2 to cover surcharge on 3D movies. There is no maximum so your group can sell as many tickets as it likes to make great profits. Check out the steps below to see how easy it is to raise money for your group. Buy 100 or more tickets and pay only $10.00 each.

You can resell the tickets at any price you like, so profits will vary depending on the on the price and quantity you sell. If you add as little as $4.00 per ticket on top of the cost price of $10.00 and just sell a minimum of 100 tickets you have made an easy $400. With no maximum ticket allowance your profits could add up to a sizeable amount in no time and with very little effort. This is truly a simple and easy way to raise funds.
School Groups to contact Saraton to confirm prices and numbers for their screening date and time.
Special Event Movies may command higher prices.

How to sell

Successful selling methods will vary from group to group so you should have a think about your methods to ensure the best results for your fundraising attempt. Our blue Individual Order Form has been tailor made to provide groups with the ability to adopt their own ticket price and payment methods, so the choice is yours! Group members then use this form to send in their ticket requests and the Group Organiser collates these forms onto one red Group Order Form for the Saraton. It’s easy!

Here's how to start

  • STEP 1: Group Organiser to print out blue order forms and fill in details in boxes. Send forms to group individuals. Group individuals may also print out blue order form,  add details and send to Group Organiser with ticket payment.
    Click here to print blue Individual Order Forms
  • STEP 2: Group Organiser to collate results and return one red group order form to Saraton Theatre with total numbers and payment for tickets to be issued. Allow one day for processing. Tickets can be collected by Group Organiser at time of event. School groups can, after organising numbers to attend and agreed price from Saraton, collecti payment from students, fill out only the group order form and deliver to Saraton with payment or send by EFT (Step 4).
    Click here to print red Group Order Form
  • STEP 3: Should any members of the group want to join the Saraton Movie Club, please supply list of their email addresses to Saraton Theatre.
  • STEP 4: The Group Organiser can also pay by EFT to
    Notaras Bros Entertainment P/L
    National Australia Bank BSB 082-631
    Acc/No. 75 1334108
    Group Organiser to also email or deliver Group Order Form to Saraton.

Birthday Parties

Have your birthday with us and see a movie with your friends. Celebrate your birthday at the Theatre!

BIRTHDAY COMBO: $14 per person. Includes movie ticket, Mini drink and popcorn combo.

BONUS: 1 adult per 10 children attending receives a complimentary ticket.

General Conditions: A $2 surcharge applies for all 3D films. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours prior to session time to access Birthday Deal. Minimum 7 admissions required to access Birthday Deals. No other offers available in conjunction with Birthday Deals. All tickets must be to same movie session. Birthday Deal Tickets only available for children (under 12 years of age).