KAMAHL: Voice Regal


One Early Evening Show on Saturday 7th December 2019

Show Starts @ 5.30pm.

Kamahl, (Kandiah Kamalesvaran), is the name which for over SIX decades, has identified the music and the unforgettable regal voice of a man who is one of the most sensational recording stars in Australian history.

He arrived in Adelaide from Malaysia as a Tamil Hindu schoolboy in the winter of 1953, after a tormented childhood under Japanese occupation. He was a black in an alien white country. A lone teenager speaking poor English, totally unfamiliar with Western music and his only skills were those on the sports fields, excelling in Cricket and Hockey. In utter desperation to escape from inferiority complex and the Second-Rate Syndrome, he shyly learned to sing, inspired by great black artists such as Nat King Cole, Paul Robeson and William Warfield, all of whom he met ! Kamahl survived by cunning and luck, outwitting the Immigration Department and the “White Australia Policy”, which wanted him deported in 1958. Kamahl was protected mainly by the loyalty of his mentors, Harry Wesley Smith, registrar of the University of Adelaide, and friend, Rupert Murdoch, but initially by a sympathetic and understanding Immigration Officer, Bill Schneider !

Kamahl always swam against the tide, acquiring along the way a reputation for toughness and arrogance which was a shield against the feelings of racial inferiority which have haunted him throughout his life.  He cheerfully took career gambles as few others have done, audaciously hiring the London Palladium in 1975 to star himself, twice playing Carnegie Hall in New York,1976 &1984 and arriving as an unknown in Europe in the summer of 1975 and becoming an overnight sensation by the autumn of that year with a Number One Hit, ‘The Elephant Song’ which remained there for Seven consecutive weeks!

The story of his life, which took him from a child in the cow paddocks of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to performing for Royalties, Presidents and Prime Ministers and to count among his friends some of the great and mighty, including a 13-year friendship with Sir Donald Bradman, is one of the most extraordinary adventures in show business…. from an enduring 53-year marriage to Sahodra, to making and losing a fortune, and making it again. His philanthropy along the way is legend, and for it he was made a Member of the Order of Australia in1994 and given the Centenary Medal. Following Prime Minister John Howard, Kamahl was made Father of The Year in 1998 and included in “Variety’s Entertainers of the Century.”

 “I don’t think anything gives me a greater sense of worth and well-being than communicating with my fellow travellers through words and music. I feel emotionally charged”, he enthused! “That you can reach out and touch people and be accepted in return, is the highest reward possible in performance and life”.

Above all, Kamahl is “Still Standing” and entertaining … and still packing them in.



Adults: $45

Seniors/ Concession: $40

Children: $20

 (Yes, it is the REAL Kamahl performing!)